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Congratulations to LeeshaJoy for winning the Program Characterization Contest with I. Tunes!

She will receive her 3 month subscription in about a week.



:pointr: rebootclub meets in #rebootclub every wednesday at 9:30 eastern/6:30 pacific


:bulletgreen: Personification Contest

:bulletgreen: Previous contest winners:

:pointr:Personification Contest by jameson9101322
:pointr:Artist Refrence Contest by webvirus
:pointr:Fandom Crossover Contest by jameson9101322
:pointr:Out of Character Contest by boggart
:pointr:Holiday Contest by web-virus
:pointr:Game Crossover Contest by Karaden
:pointr:Movie Crossover Contest by Vic-n-Shrooms and Vixen11

:pointr:Featured Deviation 1 by Shimmergloom
:pointr:Featured Deviation 2 by strawberriepunk
:pointr:Featured Deviation 3 by Vixen11
:pointr:Featured Deviation 4 by bluemuse1
:pointr:Featured Deviation 5 by web-virus
:pointr:Featured Deviation 6 by rebootmaster2001
:pointr:Featured Deviation 7 by jameson9101322
:pointr:Featured Deviation 8 by jameson9101322
:pointr:Featured Deviation 9 by CyrionB
:pointr:Featured Deviation 10 by kacfrog711

:pointr:Avatar Contest by MelMuff
:pointr:Dev ID by boggart
:pointr:Website Buttonby web-virus

:bulletblue: Club Info:

:bulletred: Rules
   :pointr: You must devwatch the club (That includes recieving journals in your inbox.)
   :pointr: No mature content may be added to reboot club's deviations.
   :pointr: All deviantions submitted must be related to ReBoot.
   :pointr: Don't send more than 3 deviations per 10 deviations/featured deviation vote.
   :pointr: No flaming art. Critiquing is fine, but don't go too far.
   :pointr: We ask that members comment on others art. Not every piece, but try to make a point stop by every now and then.
   :pointr: If you are a member we </i>ask</i> that you put a link to reboot club either in your signature or in your journals

:bulletred: Membership
   If you want to be a member all you have to do is send a note saying you want to be a member. Do not ask on the main page, those will be ignored. Keep in mind that +watching does not automatically make you a member. As a member you can have a say in club favorites, participate in contests, submit deviations and other features that will come in the future.

:bulletred: Submissions
If you want to submit a deviation just give ~rebootclub the link via note. If you want the description to be different than it is on the original deviation add that in the note too. If you are just submitting to reboot club and leaving it off your own account then send me an e-mail with all the information needed.

:bulletred:Submitting Fan Art
   :pointr: Every 10 deviations the members of ReBoot Club will decide which deviation is their favorite and that piece will go as the featured deviation.
   :pointr: You may not submit stages of WIP. If you want to show that, then paste the pictures together.

:bulletred:Submitting Fan Fiction
   :pointr: You must submit a picture with the fic that has the title and author written on it.
   :pointr: If you are submitting WIP and plan on updating later, you must make a picture with the fic that has the title, author, and what chapter it is written on it.
      :pointr: Every 5 Fan Fictions submitted, there will be a contest to see who's is the best. WIP will not be subject to the contest until it is finished.

The voting period will only last a week or so for our featured deviations, so please don't put it off.

If you have submitted something, Be sure to check it for any comments for about a week. If you piece gets a comment and it's was submitted a while ago, I'll probably give you a note saying so.

:bulletpurple: Since this is a club I value your opinions, so if you have something to add just let me know. I'm open to most anything.


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